A fully fitted 18th century ormolu etui.


A rare item-a fully fitted 18th century ormolu etui.

It is made of an alloy of copper, zinc and tin called 'ormolu' which looks like gold. It is decorated with classical figures and cherubs. The case has a hanging loop so it could be fitted on a chatelaine.
Inside there is a full set of tools-
Steel folding scissors, a note slide, ormolu pencil holder, steel tweezers / file combo, folding knife, gilt snuff spoon, steel bodkin and a gilt ear spoon and tooth pick combo. They are the original fittings and fit their slots exactly. c 1780.

Condition- The gilding is still good and the hinge and catch work well. Apart from some light rust, all the tools are in excellent condition.

4.5 inches long including the hanging loop.
11 cm

NB. If you have ormolu or gilt base metal items don't use metal polishes on them as they will lose the gold finish and appear red. You can use some ammonia added to water ( never the other way around because of the fumes )

Stock no. GL43